Music has been an essential aspect of human civilization around the globe. Music being a universal language, has the power to connect people, heal and entertain them.

10th June was another day to be remembered on the walls of Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Institute hall where a traditional music competition concert was organized.                

Speaking with one of organizers of the event Talitha Nyenyezi, the programs manager at Seibo Malawi said they organized the event with a funding of 994 Dollars from Shizuoka Futaba, a Catholic High School in Japan.

“Different activities are organized annually for charity work by these students and this year’s  proceeds were donated to Seibo Japan which sponsored Seibo Malawi to encourage Malawian traditional music in Children”  Nyenyezi added.

A total number of eight schools from around Chilomini both nursery and primary participated in this traditional music competition.

Fr Felix Nanyallo the Educational Director at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Institute added that this event will help the children to know their roots as they grow up making them get more connected to their parents.

“By passing this knowledge to our children, they will also be able to pass it to their children preserving the culture as the chain goes on” Nanyallo concluded.

It was inspiring seeing children dressed in traditional outfit dancing angelically to Beni, Ingoma, Chintali, Gule Wankulu just to mention a few.

Faith “Che Muphuwa” Mussa was the one who sealed the stage as the bouncing back of the echo’s from his guitar combined with his natural sweet melodies made the audience request for more songs.

Faith Mussa performing at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Institute hall.

Mussa said that it is very important to invest in our culture as Malawians. The impact that music carries is both physical and spiritual that unites people.

“Teaching our children traditional songs and dances from all over Malawi is an assurance that we are giving them a hidden treasure that they will carry with them everywhere they go” said Mussa.

Mother Teresa Children Center was the one which scooped first position walking away with the sum of fifty thousand Kwacha while Happy Stars Nursery school carried twenty five thousand kwacha for being on the second position in the Nursery Schools category.

Lumbila primary school went home with fifty thousand kwacha for being the first in the primary schools category while St Kizito Catholic Primary School walked away with twenty five thousand Kwacha for being in second position.

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