Saint Kizito Primary School started in January 2022 with Standards 1, 2, 3, and 4. There are two classes of just 30 pupils in each Standard. In September 2023 the school will launch standard 6 which will provide a progression path for the existing standard 5 class and provide room for enrolment for students who wish to join from standard 6. 

Over the following four years, Saint Kizito Catholic Primary School will grow to cover Standards 1 to 8 with a total of 16 classes, each of 30 pupils, creating a primary school for 480 pupils. This new school continues the fulfilment of the Beehive https://www.beehivemw.org/  dream for a wonderful, joyful Catholic campus of education, inspiring the lives of young people and their families from a very early age. 

St. Kizito is a part of the Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Institute which provide pupils with an excellent, exciting Catholic education from early childhood right through to adulthood. Many of the child spaces are allocated to children from the Mother Teresa Nursery with the support of the substantial outreach and extended schools team (based in the Mother Teresa Children’s Centre) who aim to assist the most vulnerable in our community. With the simultaneous opening of the Carlo Acutis High School, it is hoped that all pupils will extend their primary education through to MSCE and from MSCE they can move to the  St. John Paul II Catholic College with its diverse set of courses.